The dependence on data and the need to always access it, is at an all time high. The overall amount of data that the average business uses is growing at a phenomenal rate along with the expectation to recover that data quickly. RTO’s (Recovery Time Objectives) are shrinking each year as companies try to meet the challenge of their expanding data size. The answer lies in a Backup and Disaster Recovery system that is well thought out and designed to meet both your RPO’s (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO’s.


Data Loss Statistics

Disaster Recovery - reasons for data loss

Here are some of the well known statistics around data loss –

  • 6% of all PC’s will suffer an episode of data loss per year
  • Human error is the number two reason for data loss, hardware failure being the first one
  • According to a Google study, one of every two drives will fail every five years
  • Viruses cause 4 – 7 % of all data loss
  • 34% of businesses fail to test their backup
  • 77% of businesses find that tape based backups fail
  • More than 50% of businesses who lose their data completely, go out of business within six months


Backing up your data : The 3-2-1 rule

When it comes to data backup & disaster recovery, we recommend that you follow the classic industry standard of 3-2-1. Always have 3 copies of your data, stored in 2 different locations and have 1 copy off-site. This will increase your chances of being able to retrieve your data, no matter the circumstances or the disaster that comes your way.

Data backup and disaster recovery - best practice
Some of the points to consider are-

  • What data do you want to backup?
  • What is the total size of the backup?
  • What kind of retention period do you need?
  • What servers do you have, and are they virtualized?
  • What options of backup software will work for you?
  • What is your current plan and current media?
  • Would cloud based backup be a good fit for you?

Our team of backup professionals will work with you to design a backup plan based on your recovery objectives finding the one that works best in your environment. Remember that a backup is only as good as your most recent test restores. We test all backups regularly as part of our managed services package. Talk to us today about our ‘Cloud Based Backup’ options.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan

Many companies do not have a well thought recovery plan and many IT consulting companies do not take much time
to discuss this with their clients. Studies show that 40% of businesses rated their recovery plan as poor and/or inadequate.

StepUP’s Disaster Recovery Service allows our team to collaborate with yours: securing data, tailoring technology, and providing you with a customized DR plan that will ensure your most important assets (IT systems, applications and business files) are easily reproducible following a DR event. This plan then becomes the “how to” part of your overall Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Why StepUP IT for your Disaster Recovery Needs?

We partner with industry leaders to implement proven DR technology that is scalable and cost effective. Whether you are protecting a few files or an entire data center, we have the knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and maintaining comprehensive disaster recovery solutions. We deploy a time-tested, managed backup process that utilizes best practices and ensures your data is protected and always available. Contact us today to have a no-obligation consultation to discuss your DR plan.