Virtual CIO services

CIO (Chief Information Officer) or CTO (Chief Technology Officer), is an executive management position mostly found in medium to enterprise class companies. This critical position is responsible for providing high-level, strategic vision for the company, and helping the management team and/or board members in making executive decisions pertaining to IT operations. While the average SMB business might not be able to justify having a CIO or CTO, they still need guidance for making important IT decisions, cost analyses, budgeting, and strategic planning. A virtual CIO (vCIO) function is often provided by an independent contractor or outside company experienced in IT solutions. A vCIO has a strong background in IT management, and has supported multiple and varied IT environments.

StepUP IT’s founder and CEO, Darrell Stepper, is well qualified to take on the role of vCIO. He has been leading large engineering teams and providing IT support to 50+ organizations—ranging in size—for over 25 years. This gives Darrell a wide range of experience, covering multiple platforms and solutions.


Areas We Focus On

Areas we focus on with vCIO services

When you retain us as your Virtual CIO, we work very closely with you to understand the role that technology plays in your organization, and strive to learn the various aspects of business that are directly and indirectly dependent on technology. We will do an in-depth assessment of your existing IT Infrastructure, and analyze the results against the unique needs, business challenges, and concerns that your organization faces. We then help you formulate a customized plan to close the gap.

Security: Whether reading the latest security breach story, or dealing with one of your own, most companies today are growing more concerned about security. Our security engineers do assessments routinely, and they know how to check systems for new risks and vulnerabilities. We can look at your existing policies and solutions, or help you develop, document, and implement new ones. Then we assist with navigating today’s complex world of security by selecting quality security solutions, implementing them correctly, and ensuring they stay up to date, in this fast-paced cyber-security environment.

Solid Technology Infrastructure with Road-map: Every successful building starts with a solid foundation and a plan. Your IT network is no different. We will advise you on best practices and most suitable products to use for meeting your business needs, then work with you to develop a solid plan for your infrastructure. We can help you understand the latest technology trends, like “Cloud Computing” and innovative mobile solutions. We can also make recommendations for technology that is widely used, which will aid in cost reduction. Sometimes life happens, and challenges like moves, mergers, acquisitions, or splits, demand a dramatic change in your network and its layout of LAN/Wan components. We use our extensive knowledge to guide you in the areas that are the most critical, like redundancy, fail-over/fail back, or an inexpensive internet services strategy.

IT Budget Planning: We know running a company today requires careful advanced planning, and often on a limited budget. Companies should not have to spend on IT that doesn’t produce the desired and/or projected benefits. We work very closely with you to make sure your technology spending is aligned with your IT roadmap, and our goal is to know that any dollars spent are well calculated and properly invested for maximum return.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity Planning: Data protection and recovery are two of the most important aspects of IT today. This is also the area that IT managers and business owners worry about the most. Statistics say that about 40% of SMBs have an inadequate plan in place to recover from data loss. With our years of experience, we will advise you how to put a comprehensive plan in place to first mitigate data loss, and then to develop a plan to get you back up and running within a pre-determined period of time, if an incident does occur.


Virtual CIO Services – Summary of Benefits:

  • Trusted advisor with IT experience, at less than part-time employee costs
  • IT infrastructure planning that is based on industry standards and best practices
  • Smooth running IT operations, with knowledgeable guidance
  • IT aligned with business goals, and having a defined roadmap for meeting business growth
  • Assistance with securing and protecting your IT assets