Cloud PBX Service

StepUP offers a top-notch, cloud-based, hosted phone system, with all the cutting-edge features that your business needs to stay competitive in the marketplace. The service is hosted in a world-class data center with built-in redundancies. We will customize the service to meet your specific business needs and will guide you through the adoption and training period. In addition, the service comes with our white-glove, local support, at no additional cost.


Enhanced Features: Our cloud-based phone system has more features than most traditional phone systems and it comes with more tools, like applications and interfaces, to use the system effectively, without having to pay anything extra and/or buy additional licenses.

Easy to Manage: The cloud-based system is user friendly, with multiple self-help features that can be accessed by the end-user and/or manager, without having to call a phone-technician.

Access from anywhere: With mobile and web-based access, users and managers can use and manage the system from anywhere. Disaster recovery is built in – even if your entire office goes down, the phone system will still be up and running.

Flexibility: The hosted PBX service is easy to change and modify as your business changes. You can add/remove seats, edit features, scale up or down on capacity, etc. With access from anywhere, you can change settings instantly, if needed.

Cost Savings: There is no significant upfront capital investment needed to adopt our cloud-based PBX system and most plans come with IP-Phones that are needed for the users. The deployment process is simple and fast. There are no annual costs, such as manufacturer software maintenance agreement, to pay for, and you don’t need to pay a phone system support vendor for their annual support contract. You can also save on space, power, and cooling by not having an in-house phone system.

No need for voice lines: The hosted PBX works over the internet and there is no need for expensive voice lines (like POTS, PRI or SIP) feeding a phone system. There is one less vendor bill to deal with, and hosted voice bills are far less complicated to review, with fewer taxes/surcharges than traditional telco.

Focus on your business: You don’t have to worry about managing, backing up, or maintaining the phone system, as it is all managed by StepUP IT Services.

Plans, Features & Pricing

StepUP offers multiple plans with a host of different features for businesses of all sizes. The Cloud PBX system pricing depends on many variables, such as the total number of users/seats, specific needs for phone devices, accessories, quantity of phone numbers (main and DIDs) that you need to port over, etc.

As a local provider, we guarantee you that after gathering information about your existing system and environment, we will provide you with a clear path and our unbiased, professional recommendation, even if that means our services are not the right fit for your organization.

Please contact us to discuss your business needs. Let us design a system to meet your specific requirements to stay competitive in the marketplace.