What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services describes a service-delivery model that is proactive—while allowing for stable pricing and predictability—and is utilized by organizations to outsource the management, operations, and delivery of IT infrastructure and processes. In contrast to a traditional break-fix model, the Managed Services model allows the provider to prevent breakdowns before they happen. IT Support providers who mostly support clients using a managed services delivery model are called MSP’s (Managed Service Providers).

Break-Fix Vs Managed IT Services:

Businesses, regardless of their size, have come to rely on technology to operate and stay competitive in the marketplace. While some sectors depend heavily on IT, others may only need internet, internal networking, printing, phones, etc. that are all tied in together with technology. As reliance on IT grows, the resources and expertise needed to support an increasingly complex IT environment are also growing. Many small businesses have limited IT resources, but are still dependent on technology, and cannot afford downtime and the uncertainty of a break-fix model.

It costs much more than just the price of IT support when any part of your IT infrastructure goes down. Leading research analyst firm, IDC, states that most SMBs lose between $137 to $427 for every minute of downtime. Feedback from many of our local SMB clients suggests an average loss of $150-$200 for every minute of downtime.

We can help you analyze the cost of downtime for your specific business and IT environment. The findings will help you discover if a managed services model is right for you. You might be surprised to find out that most managed services cost less than traditional break-fix , especially when included with the true cost of downtime. Contact us today for a no-obligation no-cost analysis.


Why Choose Managed IT Services?

  • Minimized downtime – decreasing incidents before they happen
  • Increased operational efficiency – users are more productive
  • Focus on your business – no one has to wear the IT hat, just call the Help Desk*
  • Peace of mind
    • Your IT environment is being monitored 24×7, 365 days a year
    • You have an IT partner that has your back if you experience an outage
    • Your partner has a solid and working disaster recovery plan for you
    • You have a trusted advisor who knows your business well, and helps with IT decisions
  • You retain complete access and control over your IT infrastructure
  • Reduced overall IT costs
  • Predictable budgeting for IT spending*
  • Insurance against large outages with fixed-cost/flat-rate model*
  • Intelligent – make informed decisions based on factual, real data
  • Flexible and scalable – change easily with your fluctuating needs
  • Measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Shifts dependence from individuals, to delivery systems and tested processes


What is covered?

Managed IT Services are similar to an insurance that covers many parts and aspects of your technology infrastructure. Depending on a variety of factors, such as company size, number of locations, staff skills, in-house IT support personnel, and specific application needs, there are many areas/levels of support that can be provided. StepUP IT provides these services in three easy to understand packages. Click here to learn more.

While most SMBs choose to protect their entire IT environment with us, we do have a list of standalone service offerings:

  1. Server management and maintenance
  2. Desktop and patch management
  3. Monitoring and alerting
  4. Internet and network monitoring and support
  5. Security and anti-virus management
  6. Disaster recovery and business continuity services
  7. User helpdesk
  8. Mobile device management
  9. Password management
  10. Asset, licenses and subscription management


Why choose StepUP IT Services as your Managed Services Provider?

We are a true Managed Services Provider (MSP). StepUP IT understands technology, has the people and resources available, and uses the right tools to proactively manage your IT environment. We help you minimize downtime, reduce your risks, and get control over your IT Infrastructure and costs.  Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.