Over the last two decades, communication and collaboration within business environments have transformed dramatically. They have gone from simple voice calls over traditional phone lines, to email, online chats, and audio/video conferences at the push of couple buttons. Even though all these are in place and people do use those tools, most businesses still need a voice solution that functions like an enterprise phone systemThey need this mode of communication to easily communicate within their own organizations, as well as with their partners and customers. 

StepUP offers a wide range of solutions for your communication needs, while also providing the latest collaboration tools. 

Some of the voice and communication services provided by us are: 

Hosted (Cloud) PBXThis is an enterprise grade phone system with all the latest features available to you, without needing an on-site/on-premise traditional phone server and the voice lines that feed it. 

SIP TrunksThis is a very good alternative for other telco voice lines like POTS and PRI. It works over the Internet and is very cost effective. It is designed to work with most in-house PBX systems. 

IP-Fax (T.38 support): This is an alternative solution for using regular POTS lines for your traditional fax machine, if your business still depends on it for incoming and outgoing faxing. 

Electronic Fax (Fax-2-email): This is an alternative to a fax machine. It does not need any lines; you just scan and send it out via email. Inbound faxes come into a designated email inbox. 

VOIP Phone LinesThis is an alternative to the traditional telco POTS lines and is a very cost-effective solution for businesses that need them for working with their current phone system. 

Audio Conference Bridges: Many organizations need to have a PSTN phone number, where multiple users can call in to have a group meeting. Having a conference bridge makes it easy for anyone to join a meeting. We provide this along with our Hosted PBX solution, and we also offer it as a standalone service 

StepUP offers a wide range of voice services and plans for businesses of all sizes. Please contact us to discuss your business requirement and let us design a system to meet your specific needs.